Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Struggling Artist

Now typically when someone hears the term “struggling artist” they picture an eccentric, and eclectic individual. Living in a small dwelling that should not house a human of normal proportions. Spending every waking hour perfecting their “craft”. Lost in the poetry and meaning of their latest creation. And Top Ramen. Lots of Top Ramen.

I on the other hand, am a more literal translation. I am simply struggling with my art. Actually I am struggling with being able to get anything done.

About a month ago I purchased a Singer Golden Touch and Sew 620. This thing is about fifty years old. It's beautiful! (see below) All the original accessories, and the ability to sew through more than three layers of garment leather. This is why I bought it. I wanted a machine dedicated to sewing on leather so I wouldn't destroy my high end machine. And I knew my light machine was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Just one more piece of fabric even aimed in its direction, and it was going to crawl up into a sewing machine fetal position- crying about its intended use, and issues with its mother.

Now I know the idea of three sewing machines sounds like I have some shopping,or hoarding disorders. And well, I will neither confirm nor deny these allegations!

What I will say is these machines had a very specific purpose. The light one I am learning on. The high end one that can embroider was a gift from my mom. And the heavy duty one was going to be as I said, for repeated use on heavy fabrics. Because I am going to be the next best designer, and time period dress aficionado! (which in reality translates into learning how to make a skirt and sewing costumes).

One of my goals is to have a my own store online, and to travel to different time period events such as renaissance fairs and classic car shows. But we'll see.

My summer of productivity came to a screeching halt when the brand new-old machine didn't work. Right from the beginning. Lets skip the obvious questions and things I should have checked on. I got it fixed, and about two weeks later it stopped working again. To add insult to expensive injury, my light machine has finally abandoned me to the world. I hope to resurrect them both, but funds at the moment will not permit it.

So I am left with the high end machine. That has been sitting, unused for years because it scares me. I don't want to break it. I am still learning (I should actually say that I understand the basics and concepts of sewing, I just lack experience.) So, I stare at it. In its cream colored case. Sitting all alone. Wondering what it did wrong. I wish I could make it understand- I haven't forgotten about it. I haven't abandoned it, like the evil light weight one has me. I just have insecurity issues. Honest....don't cry snazzy machine. One day I will give you the attention you deserve. I swear it!

Beyond my sewing woes, I have had technology ones as well. Computer was down for a bit, so no editing photos (till now) that I owe people. Also lost my web cam (I don't even know how I managed that one) so no filming- or editing for that matter.

My garage has been a mess, so no leather carving or painting. Scrapbooking supplies are buried under a stack of junk. And so on.The only thing I have been able to do is brainstorm for an upcoming web-comic.

At this point you are probably asking (and rightfully so) “How many arts/crafts do you do woman? How many do you need????” Yeah, go back and read my first post. There you will hear my hidden “I told ya so”.

It is frustrating to have so many interests, so many ideas, and so many unfinished projects. I can feel the failure of each one judging me from shelves, storage bins, closets, and digital files. “You are the worst crafter in history”- they mock me. Like a coloring book mocks the kindergartner who can't stay in the lines.

Well ya know what unfinished projects? Keep up that tone, and I will let you sit there. Collecting dust till the end of time. Or until I donate you to some thrift store..you remember what happened to the old Christmas decorations, don't you? Yeah, you better watch yourself!


By now you have realized I have many an argument with inanimate objects. Some of them even have names. Some are lawful good, others evil, and a great many are just neutral and boring.

But I am happy to say that after this weekend I will have shot some footage, taken pictures, worked on the comic some more, lyrics for a few songs, and so on. More "thinking" projects at the moment. And next week, its on!

I have a phrase I now love. “Cleaning like a mad Irish woman!”.  Basically I need to finish up getting things where I want them to be. I want to focus and dedicate time on setting up my various art stations before I start any new....er I mean finish, yes FINISH all my other projects. Maybe that's what the Lord wants from me. To teach me discipline and dedication before I go off all wild and willy-nilly crafting away into the wee hours of the night. Damage control I guess. 0=o)

(a year from now I will have to check the ceiling for glitter. If there is none, I will know that I succeeded in my quest, and didn't go crazy- simply throwing my supplies about in a moment of craft turrets)

So next craft focused blog, I promise will actually have pictures of a current or finished project

Till then a preview of some of my previous work. Some leather carvings.

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