Sunday, July 29, 2012

Good Idea/Bad Idea

Today I ventured out to the Ohio State Fair. I returned with a ridiculous( and I mean ridiculous in the hysterically funny, don't want to be seen in public way..) sunburn on my face, and a few insights.

First, there are so many artisans and crafters out there who are so much better than I am, on so many levels.

Second, I need a large stained glass window, peacock patterned, room divider. It took best of show in the glass division, and it was absolutely gorgeous!

Third, I need to spend more time focusing on improving the things I do know, and not find any new hobbies for a while. I am a Jill of all trades, master of none.

While in Ohio, I have none of my paint supplies. None of my leather working tools, although I'm in the midst of working that one out. No scrap-booking paraphernalia. No beads, yarn,clay, or any of my musical instruments.

What I do have is my grandfather's guitar that needs new strings, his banjo that my mom won't let me touch until I've learned to play the banjo..*cough cough* insert shameless ploy to guilt her into letting me restring it and teach myself. I also have her sewing machine, a few tubes of paint, a digital camera, and an endless supply of printer paper- with no ink at the moment.

So lets see how creative I can be at being creative in the next few weeks.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Still Crafting.....

Eight months. Eight! Since I last posted. This is just a hello and a quick update.Blogging will begin semi-regularly from now on. I will dive a little deeper into the subjects below, but for now here is a recap of my life since last September.

September and October were full of costume designing for Ren Faire.
November was all about camping for Thanksgiving, and prepping for December

December was of course a full costuming extravaganza as I prepped for the Dickens Faire for myself and a couple friends. But better still my Mom came to CA!
      After my back injury I was not able to travel, and therefore, apart from the wonderful invention of Skype, had not seen my mom in 3 years.We played the role of enthusiastic tourists quite well. Visiting the local redwood parks, wineries, galleries, museums, and so on.

    This time was full of amazing wonders and reflections, that never made it to the blog and have since departed from my collective thoughts. However, that's what photos are for.

                                         Korbel Winery, Russian River California

 Naturally her trip was to be until mid January, but we extended until late January. And February.And March! At which time I went back East with her for the remainder of the summer. Where I am now sitting in Ohio, typing away.

And what does anything have to do with crafting? Well, now that I am semi-settled here at Ma's, I have taken over her sewing machine and fabric stash. One green dress is in the works that will be worn to see "Brave" (I won't delve into just how obsessed I am with everything Celtic, or that this is the first Scottish, Disney, AND Pixar movie... Or how that makes me want to climb the highlands holding a stuffed Mickey Mouse, singing about how the hills are alive with the sounds of c.g.i!)

Hm, I seem to have gotten off track. Let us rewind a bit.Along with my travels and sight seeing, journeys and tourist life, I still had school. A fashion drawing class was the most recent endeavor. The plan was for me to return to CA after two weeks. But that got changed. So, having the rest of the semester to finish, and all of my supplies back in the quake-and-bake state, I had to repurchase a lot of materials. Which since then have been put to great use, designing my summer wardrobe and craft list. (cue rolling of the eyes)

Basically I didn't bring much with me for what was supposed to be one week of driving, and one week of staying out here. And now with what will be a total of six months in the Buckeye state, I decided I needed to spruce up the closet space I stole from my Ma.

After taking the scenic route,this brings me to my conclusion. I will be making and posting a few crafts  this summer. Off setting with some points of interest and travel here in Ohio, a few flashbacks of the months missed,and of course including my usual ramblings.

Basically, Stay tuned!